Strasbourg 2014

Conference of the AGM 2014 is co-organized by ELFA and the European Parliament.

ELFA Plenary sessions and panel discussions will take place in the European Parliament building, on March 20th.

Financing of law faculties?


The next AGM will be devoted to the topic “Financing of law faculties?”

This choice echoes the Warsaw AGM (2011) which dealt with “Governance, autonomy and finance of Universities and Law faculties”. It is motivated by the fact that because of the worsening of the financial and economic crisis in Europe public, funding for higher education are decreasing, sometimes significantly. This observation urges to reflect on the consequences of lower public funding and appropriate remedies that could be used to preserve legal education and research.

First, we would gladly hear any suggestions or complementary topics that our fellow members wish to be discussed during the AGM. In this perspective, we invite you to pass your proposals and comments to the assistant of the President.

Second, to assess consequences of the economic crisis on Law Faculties functioning, we would like to realize a comprehensive survey. To be realistic, rather than a theoretical analysis, we prefer consult our fellow members. To this end, we elaborated a questionnaire with the help of economists. As well as experience feedback, this survey will enable us to fit our arguments in the prospect dialogue with political institutions and partners. Results will be present in Strasbourg during the AGM and will be published in the European Journal of Legal Education.

So we would be honored if you accepted to answer to this questionnaire


Suggestions, proposals and comments

Only for the members

The members of ELFA are invited to make suggestions and to propose complementary topics, related to the financing of Law Faculties, for discussions during the next AGM. 

Furthermore, for the preparation of this event we would try to take into consideration your comments. 

To this end, the assistant of the president is at your disposal. He can be contacted through the e-mail:

Please indacate the name of your institution and an e-mail adress (Dirección de correo electrónico). 




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