New ELFA President Věra Kalvodová and new Board Member Begüm Bulak

At the Annual General Meeting of ELFA, held in Groningen on Friday 15 April 2016, Věra Kalvodová. Associate Professor of Criminal Law at Masaryk University, Brno, in the Czech Republic, was elected President of ELFA, succeeding Professor Laurence Gormley from Groningen. Vera served many years as Treasurer of ELFA, and that position within the Board has now been taken over by Professor Andreas Ziegler from Lausanne. Professor Josep Maria De Dios Marcer, from the  Autonomous University of Barcelona was elected First Vice President of ELFA at the AGM in Groningen. Dr. Begüm Bulak, presently at the University of Geneva, who from the start of the 2016—2017 academic year  will be at Yeditepe University, in Istanbul, has been elected to the Board at the AGM in Groningen.

ELFA, and in particular Laurence Gormley would like to pay particular tribute to Halûk Kabaalioğlu, from Yeditepe) University in Istanbul, for all that he has done for ELFA over the past years; he has made a major contribution to the health and life of ELFA, and in 2015-2016, after his dynamic and successful Presidency the year before, was an invaluable adviser to the Board.