Madrid 2012



THURSDAY March 8, 2012

18.30 – Registration at Vincci Soho Hotel: C/ Prado 18 (Madrid)

19.30 – Reception at the City Hall offered by the Mayor

FRIDAY March 9, 2012

09.00 – Registration at Rectorado building, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, C/ Madrid 126, Getafe (Madrid)

09.30 – Welcome Addresses:

ELFA President Manuel A. Bermejo, Dean Faculty of Social Sciences and Law, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Prof. Dr. Daniel Peña, Rector Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Prof. Lauren K. Robel, President of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS)

Mrs. Zosya Stankovskaya, Vice President for Seminars & Conferences of ELSA International

10.00 – First Plenary Session – Aula Magna

Chair: Prof. Dr. Manuel A. Bermejo, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

- Prof. Dr. Irmgard Griss, President of the Austrian Supreme Court

                 How to Educate Future Judges

- Discussion

10.45 – Coffee break

11.00 – Second Plenary Session – Aula Magna

Chair: Prof. Dr. Reiner Schulze, Münster University

- JUDr. Stanislav Balík, former Czech Bar Association President, Judge of the Czech Constitutional Court

                 How to Become an Advocate? Quo vadis, legal education?

- Dr. Elisabeth Hoffmann, President of the European Association of Lawyers

                 Le point de vue du praticien (A practitioner's point of view)

- Discussion

12.15 – Coffee break

12.30 – Third Plenary Session – Aula Magna

Chair: Prof. Dr. Halûk Kabaalioğlu, Yeditepe University

- Mr. Antonio Garrigues Walker, Chairman of Garrigues Law Firm

                 Deficiencies, Responsibilities and Opportunities in the Legal Profession

- Prof. Nigel Duncan, The City Law School, City University, London

                 Preparing for the Challenge of a Corrupt Environment

- Discussion

14.00 – Lunch in Rectorado building

Parallel Sessions

15.30 Panel 1 – ENVIRONMENTAL LAW – Room 11.1.16

- Prof. Dr. Ludwig Krämer, University of Bremen

                 International and European Environmental Law – respected, but ignored and not applied

- Presentation of papers

- Dr. Bianca Gutan, Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu

                 The Right to a Healthy Environment: a New Right Under the European Convention of Human Rights?

- Dr. Jordi Jaria i Manzano, Universitat Rovira i Virgili

                 Legal Education, Legal Culture and Environmental Justice. Some Remarks Based on the Training of Judges in Spain

- Dr. Roderic O’Gorman, Griffith College Dublin

                 A right to environment under EU law?

- Dr. Teresa Parejo Navajas, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

                 The quest for global governance in a citified world: towards sustainable urban development based on the commitments of the Kyoto Protocol (and/or the legal instruments that replace it)

- Dr. Adrian-Barbu Ilie, University of Craiova 

                 Roșia Montana and sustainable development. Between economic profit and environmental protection

- Discussion

15.30 Panel 2 – CONSUMER PROTECTION LAW - Room 11.0.17

- Prof. Dr. Dr. Norbert Reich, Emeritus professor of Law, University of Bremen, Dr. h.c. University of Helsinki

                 Unwrapping the Optional EU Sales Package - What is in it for consumers?

- Presentation of papers

- Dr. Krisztina Karsai, University of Szeged

                 Consumer Protection by Criminal Law

- Dr. Neda Zdraveva, Iustinianus Primus Law Faculty, Skopje

                 The influence of the EU Consumer Protection Legislation on the Consumer Contract Law of the Republic of Macedonia

- Dr. Christopher Bisping, University of Leicester

                 The Common European Sales Law, consumer protection and overriding mandatory provisions in Private International Law

- Discussion

16.45 – Coffee break

17.00 – Fourth Plenary Session


Chair: Prof. Dr. Anne Klebes-Pélissier, University of Strasbourg

- Presentation of papers

- Prof. George Edwards, Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law

                 Transnational Experiential Legal Education, Citizen‐to‐Citizen Diplomacy & Human Rights

- Dr. Josef Kotasek, Masaryk University

                 Innovating Methods in Legal Teaching at the Faculty of Law Masaryk University – Skill-based Teaching

- Mrs. Khrystyna Brodych, Director for Academic Activities, European Law Students Association (ELSA)

                 Bridging legal theory and practice - By students, for students

- Dr. Andrés Gascón Cuenca, Human Rights Institute. University of Valencia

                 Generation, editing and distribution of multimedia learning objects as a resource for teaching and studying Law. Our experience in the School of Law of the University of Valencia

- Dr. Alberto Iglesias Garzón, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

                 Legal Clinics on Human Rights: An overview of Universidad Carlos III´s experience

- Discussion

18.30 – Discussion of the resolution drafted by the ELFA Board - Aula Magna

Chair: Prof. Dr. Laurence Gormley, University of Groningen

19.00 – End of today’s session

20.30 – Conference cocktail and dinner at the Casino de Madrid

SATURDAY March 10, 2012

09.30 – Fifth Plenary Session – Other Perspectives on Legal Teaching and Practice – Aula Magna

Chair: Prof. Gregory W. Bowman, West Virginia University

- Prof. Russell L. Weaver, Executive Director, Southeastern Association of Law Schools. University of Louisville

                 The State of Legal Education in the US

- Prof. Patrick R. Hugg, Director of the Center for International Law Programs, Loyola University College of Law (New Orleans)

                 Innovative Techniques in Legal Teaching

- Prof. Dane S. Ciolino, Loyola University College of Law (New Orleans)

                 Incorporating the Legal Practise into Law School Teaching

- Discussion

11.00 – Report from the panels

11.15 – Coffee break

11.30 – ELFA General Assembly

•             Adoption of the Resolution

•             Presentation of the annual financial report 2011

•             Presentation of the budget 2012

•             Presentation of the annual report

•             General debate on the work of the outgoing Board

•             Election of a new President

•             Election of new Board members

•             Contact with other organizations

•             Future plans

•             Determination of the next Annual Assembly

•             Miscellaneous

13.15 – Closure of the 2012 General Assembly

13.30 – Lunch in Rectorado building

14.30 – Optional Guided Tour of Toledo