The European Law Faculties Association (ELFA) was founded in 1995 in Leuven by more than 80 Faculties of Law located in different universities across Europe. The organisation now has more than 200 members from countries within the EU and beyond, it acts as an international forum for the discussion of many legal topics related to legal education.

ELFA organizes an Annual Conference at which members are encouraged to participate in a range of discussions and workshops concerning various aspects of legal education.

The aim of ELFA's activities is to coordinate process of reform of legal education in Europe, introducing new topics, promoting cooperation between Universities in Europe and representing Law Faculties vis-à-vis European Institutions, National Education Institutions and Professional Laywers and Prosecuters Associations. Currently, the most important focus of ELFA's activities is the reform of legal education in Europe. 

Through this website and the European Journal of Legal Education (EJLE), it provides information about the current state of legal education in Europe and an international forum for the discussion of the impact of the Sorbonne-Bologna Declaration on the study of law. ELFA places particular emphasis on accreditation and quality assessment as a condition for the Europeanisation of the study of law.

Considering the need for high-quality research for legal education, ELFA has been organizing a contest named ELFA Award since 2012 for the best doctoral thesis on European Law to support researchers and create competition in legal studies on EU Law.

ELFA is also active in developing new models for the use of ICT in legal education and provides information and support for its member faculties in this rapidly evolving area. ELFA co-operates with other professional associations in the field of legal studies in order to further promote activities relating to legal education.