ELFA Award 2015


Given the success of the Award in past years, the Board has decided to continue the ELFA award.

For the year 2014/2015, the European Law Faculties Association is pleased to invite applications for the ELFA Award for a thesis on Europen Law. This is the third competition for this Award. 

European jurists are invited to submit work which has been accepted and approved by a law faculty as a doctoral thesis/Ph.D. thesis in 2014/2015, on the subject of European law (including comparative law aspects). The theses may be written in any of the languages of the ELFA statutes (English, German, French or Spanish).

The decision concerning the award  will be decided by a jury consisting of renowned academics selected by the ELFA board. Their decision is final. The intention, based on previous years'practice is to award a First Place and a proxime accessit, assuming that theses of sufficient merit have been submitted. The jury is entitled to decide not to grant the Award if no theses of sufficient merit are presented. The First Place Award is worth €3,000; the value of the proxime accessit award will be determined in due course, but will be not less than € 1,500.

- Entries must be submitted by 31 October 2015 at the latest via e-mail to info@elfa-afde.com

- The attached theses should be a unique file in .doc (Word) or .odt (OpenDocument) format (not pdf), in order to that a blind version can be prepared for the jury members.

- Applications must be accompanied by the author's CV in a separate document.

- Applicants should receive an acknowledgement of receipt message within 48 hours of submission. 

- The ELFA award is compatible with other awards the theses might have received.

- The Award does not involve the transfer of any publishing or intellectual property right relating to the thesis. To give you an idea of the standard in past years, you may care to look at Alexandre Saydé's book, Abuse of EU Law and Regulation of the Internal Market, published by Hart Publishing in 2014. His thesis on which the book is based was awarded First Place in the ELFA Award 2013.