ELFA Award 2013

For the year 2012 the European Law Faculties Association (ELFA) established for the first time an award for a thesis on European Law. The prize was worth 3.000€. First Award Ceremony which took place in Strasbourg’s Palais d’Europe, thanks to Professor Anne Klebes-Pellissier, was a great success. President Anne Klebes Pellissier’s extraordinary efforts for holding the ceremony in the building of Council of Europe was praised by all the members of the Board. Furthermore, the reception honouring the two award recipients was held at the City Hall of Strasbourg, an impressive historical building on May 16, 2013. Deputy Mayor of Strasbourg, a former student of Professor Klebes-Pellisier, Ms. Refiq welcomed the members of ELFA to  Strasboourg Hotel de Ville. ELFA  Board extends their gratitude and warmest thanks Professor Anne Klebes-Pellisier who was also Vice Rector of Strasbourg University. 

European jurists were invited to submit work which has been accepted and approved by a law faculty as a doctoral thesis/Ph.D. thesis in 2011/2012, on the subject of European law including comparative law aspects. The thesis may be written in any of the languages of the ELFA statutes (English, German, French or Spanish).

The decision concerning the award of the first three places was decided by a jury consisting of three renowned academics been selected by the ELFA board.

Finalists of ELFA Award 2013

Alexandre Saydé and Fausto Vecchio

For further information, please click to see ELFA Awards 2013 report.