At a time characterized by various time-sensitive reforms that pertain to the field of legal education, the delay between the submission and the publication of the papers was probably an important limitation of the European Journal of Legal Education (EJLE). Therefore, on its efforts to revive the EJLE and to transform it into as useful tool as possible for all the members of ELFA; the Board of ELFA has decided to publish it online. The Board hopes that by putting it online, the EJLE will thus also be better placed to allow for a swift reaction to important events in the field of legal education, and to facilitate the communication between the members of ELFA wanting to share their expertise in this field. 

The online edition of EJLE has two parts. For those interested in the more researched and scholarly discussion, there will be a peer-reviewed part where all the articles will be reviewed and published only if the peer-review will be positive. 

For those wanting to share their thoughts with others without a previous peer-review, however, another part of EJLE will be made available. Here, the papers will be published as originally submitted, undergoing but a formal examination by the editors. 

The reason for this double nature of EJLE is obvious. It wishes to simultaneously serve two purposes: to allow for a more scholarly and research-oriented examination of processes going on in the field of legal education on the one hand and to provide for a more practically-oriented exchange of information on the other.


EJLE Volume


1 EJLE Volume 6 Number 1 December 2011
2 EJLE Volume 5 Number 2 December 2009
3 EJLE Volume 5 Number 1 April 2009